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The Fondazione Guido Bernardini (FGB) is a non-profit international organization devoted to continuing education and training of professionals involved in the care, welfare and use of laboratory animals.

Our courses and scientific events embrace a wide range of topics on laboratory animal science and technology. The overall mission of FGB is to:

  • Support the humane and responsible use of animals in science
  • Promote the quality of biomedical research by encouraging high standards of knowledge and competence in scientific and technical staff
  • Contribute to the implementation of the Three Rs


The Fondazione Guido Bernardini (FGB) provides a wide range of training activities and scientific events.


In this section you will find all courses and scientific events that have been held
in the past.

February, 22, 2020
The 2020 Technician Training Scholarsip has been awarded to  Daria - Federal State...
February, 03, 2020
Like every year is time to pull the sums of the work carried out.  Many...
January, 02, 2020
Dear friends, colleagues, it is now time for a few lines of farewell.  Since 1 January 2020 I am no...
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